Carpfishing Camping Pod XL

Carpfishing Camping Pod

The Camping pod

Carpfishing Camping Pod

The Camping pod


The campingpod XL is a kind of wooden camping tent which is placed on a large raft. A small property right on the water (3 X 4 mtr.) . Ideal for carp anglers who like some luxury, but still want to enjoy the outdoors and adventure! The camping pod XL is equipped with power and light, convenient to charge your phone, fish finder, batteries or other devices. There is a fridge and a cooker. Furthermore, we have the front fitted with a tarp so you can sit out of the wind, if necessary.

Carpfishing Camping Pod

As you sit on the top of a headland you have the large water right in front of you. You can fish left towards another island, right into another cup, but straight ahead there are of course the greatest numbers of possibilities to find interesting spots. There are spaces between the weeds, but also large hard mussel beds. The depth varies between 3 and 6 meters.

Fishing guide

Upon arrival, you will be picked up by a team member of Flexible Carpfishing who will take you from the mainland to your fishing site in a large aluminium boat. Of course, the guide will point out the “hotspots”, but this does not guarantee fish. It remains fishing on large water with plenty of natural food. But the reward, the strength and the drill is an unforgettable experience.

Carpfishing Camping PodVinkeveense Plassen

Vinkenveense plassen is 2500 acres of crystal clear water and home to some of the most stunning carp in Holland. The lake is packed with features, islands, bridges, marinas and the depths vary from a few feet to 100+ feet. And there is more, with mussel and weed beds of various vegetation, reed lined and rock lined banks, gravel bars and plateaus, there is a challenge for everyone here.

The water quality being so good, it is no surprise that the carp caught here are often big, healthy and extremely strong, add this to the fact that the water is so clear and the fish are often fish that have not seen a hook before due to the size of the water, you can be sure once you are connected to one of these carp you will be in for a fight to remember.

This lake produces large common and mirror carp with a lake record currently standing at 66lbs with the big fish 50lb+ are often beautiful warriors. Whilst 20+kg fish captures are not un-common, this is a venue where there really is an element of the unknown and if this water should produce a new Dutch record carp, we really would not be surprised.

Some anglers like to book this venue and do their own thing. This is great if you are an angler that has plenty of experience in fishing waters of this size with boat traffic and who is competent and confident using a boat.
However, we recommend you take advantage of our guide Freek Stevens who has lived around this water his whole life. Not only is he one of the most helpful guys you could ever wish to meet, he is also an extremely competent big water carp angler and knows this water like the back of his hand.

As our customer, you will be picked up on the mainland and taken to your site with a large aluminium flatboat. Upon arrival at your site, we will explain everything to you and we will give you information about what we believe is a must to have the best chance of success. At the end of your fishing trip, you will be picked up again.

The owner, Freek Stevens, is a very talented diver and camera man as well and both these skills help him keep in touch with the carp by looking for them whilst diving and setting up under water cameras to monitor areas from the banks. I really don’t know of any other guide that goes to these extremes to try and help customers get on the fish. Freek is also a member of Carpcrossing.

(Please see flexible carpfishing on youtube to see some of his awesome camera work)

Freek Stevens will be the man who will look after your needs at this venue, whether he is guiding you or not, if you forgot to bring a piece of tackle or need extra bait etc, you can purchase it from him and he will be only too happy to drop whatever you have purchased to your fishing site at the end of his working day.

We recommend dinghies with outboard engine available for rent with any option you choose to help set up your lines and play fish etc. All our sites have been carefully selected with the help of Freek and Angling Escapes to ensure we have the hot spots and have you covered wherever the fish are. All sites cover plenty of water and features so your fishing will never be restricted by space.

After several years of fishing and feeding, we have opted for the quality bait of MTC Baits, which we also recommend to our customers. Ofcourse you are free to use your own favourite bait, however the results with MTC baits are more than good, given the number of carp which has been caught in recent years.

We recommend a ferry to Hook of Holland (Rotterdam), as from there it is a quick hour’s drive to your destination.

All our fantastic underwater pictures, sites and other images that have been made over the years can be seen on the YouTube channel Flexible-carp fishing. If you follow us on you automatically stay up to date with all the news and our actions.

So, if you are dreaming of a fantastic fishing holiday in our beautiful country with great carp, do not hesitate to ask about the possibilities. Everything is possible! It’s your vacation!

Vinkenveense Plassen really is the ultimate flexible carp fishing holiday.


Prices Camping pod:

* The Camping pod can only rented for a minimum and a maximum of 2 persons.

* Prices are inc. 1:30 p.p.p.d tax, cleaning, 3rd fishing license, night license and parking fees.

Calculate the total price of your holiday including all additional costs, taxes and surcharges. (Excluding 20, -. Booking fee icl. VAT):


Additional rent

The rent for a week, the amount two times.
For more options to rent or buy products, please inquire via contact for all possibilities.

The amounts below are per weekend or midweek.
Dinghy hire inclusive full tank. € 75,-
12 hour fishing guide with boat € 200,-
Extensive equipment
(3 rods + end tackle, three Bite alarms, rodpod, landing net, unhooking)
€ 160,-

Specify wanted additional options in the comments box when making your reservation.

* Prices are inc. 1:30 p.p.p.d tax, cleaning, 3rd fishing license, night license and parking fees.
* Minimal 2 maximum 2
* Deposit: € 100,- to pay on location.

* Midweek Monday / Thursday arrival 16:00 – departure 16:00
* weekend Friday / Sunday arrival 16:00 – 16:00 departure
* Week Friday / Thursday 16:00 arrival – 16:00 departure

Other departures are possible in consultation