Carpfishing in the Netherlands Vinkeveense Plassen

Vinkenveense is 2500 acres of crystal clear water and home to some of the most stunning carp in Holland.The lake is jam packed with features, islands, bridges, marinas and the depths vary from a few feet to 100+ feet.The features don’t stop there with huge muscle and weed beds of various vegetation, reed lined and rock lined margins, gravel bars and plateaus there is literally something for everyone here.

So if you are dreaming of a fantastic fishing holiday in our country with great carp do not hesitate to ask about the possibilities. Everything is possible! It’s your vacation! For the experienced anglers there is complete freedom of the boat fishing, with or without a guide, but there is also the opportunity for people who want an accommodation with all comfort.


Carpfishing campingpod


The Campingpod offers the best of both worlds

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Carpfishing Caravan Island

Tussenstek-De Vinkeveense Plassen-caravan-1

Just more than an Island and suitable for 4 anglers

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Boat Fishing


The real carpfishing experience

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Carpfishing main Island

Vinkeveense Plassen kopeiland lucht foto-2

Basic carpfishing at the main island

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