The campingpod is a kind of wooden camping tent which is placed on a large raft. A small property right on the water. Ideal for carp anglers who like a little more luxury will, but still want to enjoy the outdoors and adventure! Camping pod is equipped with power and light, convenient to charge your phone, fishfinder, batteries or other devices. There is a fridge and a cooker. Furthermore, we have the front fitted with a tarp so you can sit out of the wind if necessary. In the short term there will be running water pod next to the campsite.

As you sit on the top of a headland you have the large water right for you. You can fish left towards another island, right into another cup, but progress has of course you lots of space to find interesting sites. There are spaces between the weeds, but also large hard mussel platforms. The depth varies between 3 and 6 meters.

Fishing guide

After your arrival you will picked up by a team member of Flexible Carpfishing from the mainland to your fishing site   with a large aluminum boat. Of course, the guide who brings you pointed you the “hotspots”, but this does not guarantee fish. It remains to fish for large and erratic water with plenty of natural food. But the reward, the strength, the drill is to never forget.

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Spiegelkarper Campingpod

Including electricity


suitable for two strechers and all comfort

Martin Boot

Unique experience and catch big heavy fish on open water



Extra comfort met afdekzijl

Extra comfort met afdekzeil

Ruimte genoeg voor twee strechters

Ruimte genoeg voor twee stretchers

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